Son Gohan (63percentsaiyan) wrote in dragondressed,
Son Gohan

Moon Madness!

[It's night time in the city, and there seem to be quite a few citizens out on their roofs watching the full moon rise.

And their is one female demi-saiyan among them, but something seems...of about her. Her expression is blank, caught in a trance as she takes in the light from the moon.

Her tail, which she noticed had grown back before she had got distracted, begins to bounce and twitch excitedly.

...are her teeth starting to look like fangs to you?]

((OOC: Here it is! In time for Halloween weekend, the full moon is out, and for some reason, the Saiyans are growing back their tails, and it's time to raise some hell. Smash those buildings Saiyans and make those little humans run for cover.))
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